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Ph.D. in Speech Signal Processing, 1989, Swansea University , Swansea, UK

B.Sc. in Computer Science, 1982. Fudan University , Shanghai, China

High school graduation, 1978. Songjiang Erzhong, 松江二中, Shanghai, China



2004-now: The Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK 

1992-2004: Algorithm Development Manager (Scientist before 1995), Speech System Devision, Logica Plc. (late spin-off Vocalis Plc), Cambridge, UK

1989-1992: Post-doctoral Research associate, in Department of Computer Science, King's College, University of London, London, UK

1982-1985: Associate lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China


Selected Publications:

Shi W, Massaia A, Louzada S, Banerjee R, Hallast P, Chen Y, Bergström A, Gu Y, Leonard S, Quail MA, Ayub Q, Yang F, Tyler-Smith C, Xue Y "Copy number variation arising from gene conversion on the human Y chromosome", Human Genetics 2017 Dec 5. doi: 10.1007/s00439-017-1857-9

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Michael A Quail, Miriam Smith, David Jackson, Steven Leonard, Thomas Skelly, Harold P Swerdlow, Yong Gu and Peter Ellis "SASI-Seq: sample assurance Spike-Ins, and highly differentiating 384 barcoding for Illumina sequencing" BMC Genomics, 15:100 Febuary 2014

Naomi Park, Lesley Shirley, Yong Gu, Thomas M. Keane, Harold Swerdlow and Michael A. Quail "An improved approach to mate-paired library preparation for Illumina sequencing", Methods in Next Generation Sequencing. Volume 1, Pages 10-20, ISSN (Online) 2084-7173, DOI: 10.2478/mngs-2013-0001, July 2013

Kerstin Howe, ..., Yong Gu, ..., Derek L. Stemple, "The zebrafish reference genome sequence and its relationship to the human genome", Nature 496, 498–503, 25 April 2013

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Berriman M, …, Gu Y, …, El-Sayed NM, “The genome of the blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni.” Nature 2009;460;7253;352-8 PUBMED: 19606141; PMC: 2756445; DOI: 10.1038/nature08160

Gu, Y., and Thomas, T. "A Text-Independent Speaker Verification System Using Support Vector Machines Classifier", in Eurospeech-2001, September 2001

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Gu, Y., and Thomas, T. "Competition-based score analysis for utterance verificationin name recognition," in Proc. ICSLP, October, 2000.

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